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DISTANCE 165.2km (100 miles) with 5470m elevation gain 
QUALIFICATION CRITERIA Completing a TUMMiler is a physically and mentally challenging event, and participation in it requires significant training and preparation. For your health and safety, we require evidence of your ability to take part by meeting this qualification criteria
COMPULSORY BRIEFING 2:00pm, 10 February at Novotel Conference Room, Rotorua. Note: Pacers are not required to attend
START LINE Te Puia, Hemo Road, Tihiotonga, Rotorua. View start line map
BUSES Optional pre-race shuttle buses are available for $6.00 each. The pre-race shuttle pick up is from Lakefront Reserve between 3:15am and 3:30am. Dropping you at the start line at Te Puia. Limited parking is available at the start line, if you'd prefer to drive yourself. Book your shuttle bus from your MyEvents account
FINISH LINE Lakefront Reserve, Lakefront Drive, Rotorua. Limited parking will be available on Lakefront Reserve. Alternatively, there is on-street parking on the surrounding street, which is $1/hour from 9am to noon on Saturday and free from noon until Monday morning
ENTRY INCLUSIONS Athlete t-shirt, Pounamu pendant (carved from New Zealand jade stone), buffet aid stations, finish-line zone with refreshments, medical and safety support
MINIMUM AGE Must be 18 years of age on race day
EXPECTED TIME FINAL FINISHER 36 hours (4:00pm, Sunday)
TIMING RESULTS Timing results will be based on gun time and provided by the following age group categories for men and women: 18-29 years, 30-39 years, 40-49 years, 50-59 years, 60-69 years, 70+ years
PRIZES All TUMMiler finishers will receive a highly-prized and exclusive pounamu (carved from New Zealand jade stone) pendant. There will be a prize giving for the top 5 overall male and female finishers - see event schedule
UTMB The TUMMiler is a qualifying race for UTMB
WESTERN STATES 100 MILE ENDURANCE RUN The TUMMiler is a qualifying race for the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run. You will need to finish in 30 hours or less to qualify for WSER

All information subject to change


The TUMMiler is one of the most scenic 100 mile runs in the world.

Starting at Te Puia in the heart of Rotorua, the 100 Mile course takes you on a journey across the most spectacular landscapes the region has to offer.

The highlights include running along eight different lakes, the solitude of the Tarawera Forest, a boat ride across Lake Rotomahana, the waterfalls on the Tarawera Falls track, twists and turns on the Eastern Okataina track, running through the archaeological site of Buried Village, the towering redwoods, steam alongside the trail at Sulphur Point and finishing at the Lakefront Reserve in downtown Rotorua.

The terrain consists of mostly narrow single track trails, wide trails, forestry and sealed roads.

The TUMMiler takes a substantially different route to the TUM50 and TUM102 courses. The latter half of the TUMMiler course shares some trails in common with the TUM102 course.



TUM21 100miler map v5




Trace de trail

Course is subject to change


climb 11

Vertical Gain/Loss

Single Trail 1

Single track 59%

Forest Track 3

Forest track 22%

Farm Park 2

Grass 2%

Forest Road 2

Forest road 8%

Public Road 1

Sealed road 9%

Aid Stations

START 0km   Yes Yes  
PUARENGA 10.7km   Yes    
LAKE ROTOKAKAHI 22.3km        
BURIED VILLAGE 30.6km 10:40am, Saturday Yes Yes  
ISTHMUS 45.9km        
(including 1.7km on boat)
54.6km 4:00pm, Saturday Yes Yes  
OKAHU 62.1km   Yes    
WIHAPI (Tonga) 71.9km        
PUHIPUHI 82.1km        
TITOKI 93.9km        
OUTLET 103.7km 2:30am, Sunday Yes (via bus) Yes  
HUMPHRIES 111.3km        
OKATAINA 120.9km 6:20am, Sunday Yes (via bus until 5am Sunday) Yes Yes (access via bus)
MILLAR 137.3km        
LAKE TIKITAPU 149.1km 12:30pm, Sunday Yes Yes Yes
REDWOODS 158.3km   Yes   Yes
FINISH 165.2km  4:00pm, Sunday Yes  Yes  

* Athletes must leave the Aid Station BEFORE the cut-off times

aid station zombies food content

Aid Stations are generously stocked with:

  • Lollies (jetplanes, sours, jelly beans)
  • Potato chips (chicken, salt & vinegar, ready salted)
  • Peanuts
  • Sandwiches (peanut butter, honey, Marmite, jam and Nutella)
  • Fruit (bananas, oranges, watermelon)
  • Ice
  • Water
  • PURE Sports Nutrition electrolyte drink 
  • Fizzy: Coke, Mountain Dew, and ginger beer
  • Sunblock
  • Toilets (except Isthmus)

The order of the Aid Station offerings will be:

Food > Fruit > Drinks

Please note we are a cupless event. In an effort to cut down on waste, we will have no drinking cups at aid stations. You will need to carry a cup or hydration pack with you. Limited stock of cups and hydrations packs will be available for sale at the event expo, but we encourage you to purchase one in advance and use it in your training.

Signs will be placed 200 metres before each Aid Station and exit signs will indicate the distance to the next Aid Station.

As per the race rules, outside assistance can only be given within 200m of Aid Stations.


Pacers are companion runners that can accompany a TUMMiler athlete from various points. Please check the Aid Station table above for the Pacer pick-up locations. Pacers run for free, but must be registered online no later than 5 February 2023. A link to register can be found on the athlete's registration confirmation email. The Pacer's role is to accompany their athlete, to provide moral support, pacing advice and companionship in the latter stages of the event.

There are strict rules regarding pacing:

  • Pacers MUST register themselves online as they will be required to sign a waiver.
  • All Pacers must wear a compulsory race bib number. Pacer(s) must attend Athlete Check-in to collect their bib.
  • The minimum age for Pacers is 18 years old.
  • Pacer numbers will be red and match the number of your athlete. This is so we know you are part of the event.
  • Pacers must carry their own set of mandatory clothing and equipment items to match that required by the TUMMiler athletes.
  • Pacers cannot meet their athlete before or after the designated start locations or at intermediate points. Doing so results in disqualification.
  • Competitors can use two Pacers – but only one at a time (they must change over at an Aid Station).
  • If you plan to make an exchange, you must hand over your pacer number to the next pacer.
  • Pacers are responsible for their own transport (though may wish to book the Okataina spectator bus - see here for details).
  • There are no Pacers for TUM21, Bachcare TUM50 or TUM102 runners.
  • Pacers may not carry extra water, food or equipment for runners.
  • With the exception of an emergency or medical situation, Pacers cannot provide any material or physical assistance to their athletes.

Drop Bags

drop bag athlete content

drop bags right content

A drop bag service is available which allows you to have your own personal supplies (gels, food, change of socks, shoes, shorts, lubricant etc) available at certain aid stations.

At Athlete Check-in you will be supplied drop bag labels. Attach the corresponding bag label to your bag/s (see Aid Station table above for locations where drop bags are available) and drop your bag/s at the designated area at Athlete Check-in before 9pm on Friday. Your start line drop bag is dropped on race day at the start line info tent.

Please note:

  • Drop bags must not contain any glass
  • All liquids must be in secure containers
  • We cannot move bags between aid stations for you, i.e you must provide a bag for each location where you wish to have personal supplies.
  • Bags must be a soft and of reasonable size. Please don’t pack the kitchen sink!

If you have a drop bag at an Aid Station you will be asked to move it from the ‘unused pile’ to the ‘used pile’ even if you did not use your drop bag. This allows us to transport your drop bag/s quickly back to the finish line and will help allow the drop bag tent to remain orderly for the benefit of athletes yet to arrive.

You will receive one ‘Authority to Collect’ card at Athlete Check-in. This entitles your support crew to collect your drop bag/s from the finish line on your behalf. No one other than you (with your race bib as identification) or supporters with an ‘Authority to Collect’ card will be able to collect drop bag/s.

Please try not to use the drop bag service for any Aid Stations where your support crew will be attending.