Loyal legends

We love our loyal Tarawera athletes, and to recognise and reward the achievement of those who have stuck around a long time, we created the Loyal Legends program for those who have finished 10 or more Tarawera Ultramarathon events.

Who can qualify?

Athletes that have finished ten or more Tarawera Ultramarathons (any distance, and including the Tarawera Trail Run that took place in November from 2014 - 2018). You will be automatically included in the program based on your finish results.

What does a Tarawera Legend get?

  • You’ll have your name listed on the website as an official Tarawera Legend
  • You’ll receive a special athlete gift at important milestones:
    - 10 year gift
    - 15 year gift
    - 20 year gift

finisher happy old male

Milestone Milers

The 100 Miler is our toughest event. Most people will only complete one in their lifetime, but for those with the determination to complete five or more, we’ll reward you for returning with a special gift.

Who can qualify?

Athletes that have finished five or more Tarawera 100 Miler events.

What does a Milestone Miler get?

  • You’ll be rewarded with a special gift at the 100 Miler pre-race briefing.
  • Your name will be published on the website
  • You’ll be given a unique race bib colour, and given two races bibs every year to keep one as a memento.
  • You can choose your own permanent race bib number